RF4311C Full Face Respirator Airtightness Tester

Full Face Respirator Airtightness Tester is an instrument for the full face respirator air tightness test of the respirator.

Put the mask on the matching test head mold, seal the inhalation valve and wet the exhalation valve. Pneumatic vacuum pump, 

make the pressure in the mask reach a certain negative pressure value, stop pumping, start timing, observes and records the pressure change value of the mask within 60s.

RF4311C tester, built-in precision air pump, high-precision vacuum pressure gauge, timer, precise control of pressure and test time. 

Testing Scope: Full Face Respirator, etc. 

Testing Standards: 

GB 2626


1. Extraction rate: 0 – 2 L/min;

2. Micro manometer range: - 2000 – 0Pa, accuracy 1%, resolution 1Pa;

3. Timer accuracy: 0.1s;

4. Automatic recording of test time;

5. Convenient and fast operation; 

Ordering Information:

RF4311C      Full Face Respirator Airtightness Tester





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