RF4312 Respirator Dead Space Tester

The Dead Space Tester of respirator is used to detect the volume fraction of carbon dioxide inhaled in the last breath of particle respirator.

Wear the respirator on the matching test head mold in an airtight manner, open the dead space tester, continuously monitoring and recording 

the concentration of CO2 in the inhaled air and the environment until it reaches a stable value.

RF4312 Dead Space Tester is composed of respiratory simulator, test head mold, CO2 concentration meter, air pump, flowmeter, air speed meter 

and microcomputer control system. 

Testing Scope: Respirators, etc. 

Testing Standards:  

GB 2626

EN 136

EN 149

JIS T8151


1. The total volume of the air circuit of the detection device: more than 2L;

2. Respiratory frequency of respiratory simulator: 20 times/min;

3. Tidal volume of respiratory simulator: 0.5L/min – 2.8L/min;

4. Flowmeter range: 5-45L/min, accuracy: 1L/min;

5. CO2 concentration meter: 0-50000ppm, accuracy 0.1%;

6. Anemometer: 0.1-30m/s, accuracy 0.1m/s, resolution 0.01m/s;

7. Test head mold: 3 (one for large, medium and small). 

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RF4312     Respirator Dead Space Tester





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