RF4309B Large Volume Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester

The Large volume mask respirator breathing resistance tester is used to measure the inhalation and exhalation resistance of respirators under specified conditions.

Wear the test sample on the matching head mold in an airtight manner, adjust the ventilation capacity to 30L/min and 95L/min, measure and record the maximum 

suction resistance, and then test the expiratory valve with a large ventilation capacity of 300L/min for 30s;

RF4309B tester is equipped with a large flow air pump with adjustable flow rate, two sets of pipeline systems for inhalation and exhalation, flow sensor and other

respiratory resistance measuring devices; The system can automatically control the ventilation and measure the inhalation and exhalation resistance. 

Testing Scope: Protective half masks, etc. 

Testing Standards:  

EN 149     EN 143


1. The measuring range of flowmeter is 0-500L/min, and the accuracy is ± 2%;

2. The range of the micro manometer is -1000Pa - 1000Pa, the accuracy is 1%, and the resolution is 1Pa;

3. Air extraction capacity of air extraction pump: not less than 400L/min;

4. Exhalation volume: 25 times/min, 2L/time or 160L/min continuous flow; inhalation: 30L/min and 95L/min continuous flow; 

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RF4309B    Large Volume Mask Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester





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