RF4309A Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester

Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester is used to test the inhalation resistance and exhalation resistance of respirators and masks under certain condition.

Wear the tested sample on the matching head mold in an airtight way, adjust the ventilation to (85 ± 1) L/min, measure and record the maximum inhalation 

resistance; then test the exhalation resistance of the tested sample with the same ventilation.

RF4309A tester, built-in adjustable air pump, inhalation and exhalation, two sets of pipeline system, flow sensor and other respiratory resistance measuring devices; 

The system can automatically control the ventilation volume, and automatically measure the inhalation and exhalation resistance. 

Testing Scope: General masks, Dust masks, Medical masks, Anti-haze masks, etc. 

Testing Standards: 

GB 2626

GB/T 32610

EN 143

JIS T8151


1. The measuring range of flowmeter is 0-100L/min, and the accuracy is ± 2%;

2. The range of the micro manometer is -1000Pa ~ 1000Pa, the accuracy is 1%, and the resolution is 1Pa;

3. Pumping capacity of air pump: no less than 100L/min;

4. Ventilation capacity: 30L/min, 40L/min, 85L/min, 95L/min, settable. 

Ordering Information:

RF4309A      Masks Breathing Resistance Tester





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