RF4308AP Medical Face Masks Breathability Tester

Medical Face Masks Breathability Tester is used to measure the breathability of the medical face masks.

Install the mask on the channel (clamp) with fixed cross-sectional area, start the vacuum pump, the airflow with specific flow rate will generate 

a certain air flow through the test sample, so as to calculate the permeability (differential pressure) of the mask.

RF4308AP Tester, built-in precision air pump, flow sensor, differential pressure sensor, single chip microcomputer control, precise control of 

flow rate and differential pressure measurement. 

Testing Scope: Medical Face Masks, etc. 

Testing Standards:  


YY/T 0969

EN 14683

ASTM F2100


1. Flow rate: 8L / min, accuracy: 0.2L/min;

2. Area of test area: 25 mm ± 1 mm in diameter (4.9 cm2 in area) circular section;

3. Pressure difference range: 0-1000pa, accuracy 1%, resolution at least 1Pa;

4. 7 "color touch screen, precise control and simple operation;

5. Automatic flow control and pressure difference calculation;

6. Convenient and quick operation; 

Ordering Information: 

RF4308AP     Medical Face Masks Breathability Tester





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