Drying Time Tester (Moisture Analyzer Method) RF4008DTT AATCC199

Drying Time Tester (Moisture Analyzer Method) is intended to evaluate the drying time of knit, woven and nonwoven fabrics at an elevated temperature using a gravimetric moisture analyzer. It is used to simulate drying at body temperature or to perform testing at temperatures that simulate conditions of use.

RF4008DTT contains a special designed PC software, moisture analyzer (high precision digital balance, temperature- controlled testing chamber), online monitoring the weight of the fabric which had been added a specified amount of water, analyze the dry time of the tested fabrics.

Test Scopeknit, woven and nonwoven fabrics.

Testing StandardsAATCC199, etc.


1.     One computer can connect max. 6 moisture analyzers simultaneously.

2.     Moisture Analyzer: Contains Digital Balance and Temperature-controlled Testing Chamber.

3.     Chamber temperature controlled independently by heaters and temperature controller.

4.     Temperature Accuracy: 37℃±0.5. Other temperature points can be set.

5.     Digital balance accuracy: 0.001g.

6.     Connection: USB to RS232 cable.

7.     Vertical Hanging Specimen Rack for Moisture Retention test.

8.     Tray: for picking up of water during water retention test.

9.     Specimen Support Platform:

10.  Wire Screen: 0.25 x 0.25in. mesh.

11.  Electronic motorized pipette with speed setting.

12.  PC software:

a)       Test interface: data, curves and tables.

b)       Drying times are calculated automatically.

c)       Test Report: Microsoft Excel, PDF format, automatically saved.

13.  Test Stop Conditions:

4.1  By Dry Percentage:

4.1.1       Determine the stop condition by comparing the difference of the nearby two data (weight) whether it is less than a certain percentage (1% to 10% is selectable).

4.1.2       Data Reading Interval: 1 minute to 10 minutes is selectable.

4.1.3       The difference of the weight between the total mass of specimen and the original mass is not higher than a certain percentage (1% to 10% is selectable)

4.2  By Residue Moisture Content Percentage: stop the test when the residue moisture meets a certain percentage (1% to 10% is selectable).

14.  Specimen dry weight is always displaying on the screen.

15.  Original data can be exported for analysis.


Order Information

RF4008DTT        Drying Time Tester

RF4008DTT/1     Drying Time Tester Software

RF4008DTT/2     Moisture Analyzer

RF4008DTT/3     Vertical Hanging Specimen Rack (for Moisture Retention Tester)

RF4008DTT/4     Tray

RF4008DTT/5     Timer

RF4008DTT/6     Wire Screen

RF4008DTT/7     Specimen Platform

RF4008DTT/8     Electronic Motorized Pipette

RF4008/1            3 digit Mettler Digital Balance (Resolution:0.001g

RF4008/3            Computer

RF4008/6            USB Cable

RF4008/7            USB Hub (with 7 USB ports)

RF7120               Sample Cutter with Diameter 70mm Cutting Die





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