Water Absorption Rate Tester RF4008WART

The water absorption tester is used to measure the water absorption of textile fabrics when they are completely soaked and suspended until they do not drip.

Test method: Soak the sample in water, fully immerse it for a few minutes, take it out, hang it on the sample rack, wait for it to completely stop dripping (the last drop of water has an interval of more than 30 seconds), check weight of the sample, and calculate the water absorption rate.

RF4008WART, place a sample holder on the balance and a water receiving tray above the tray (not in contact with the balance tray). Use dedicated software to connect the balance, detect changes in sample weight, judge the last time the sample drips, record the water absorption, and record the water absorption rate. Multiple digital balances can be tested in parallel, greatly improving testing efficiency.


Test Scope:  Knitted fabrics and quick-drying fabrics

Testing Standards: GB/T21655.1, etc.



1. Special software, one computer can connect up to 6 high-precision scales for simultaneous testing.

2. Interface: USB data transmission.

3. Computer software:

a) Test interface: coexistence of data, curves, and charts.

b) Test report: automatically saved for easy printing.

c) Automatic calculation of water absorption and water absorption rate.

4. Test sample holder: vertically suspended.

5. Drip tray: Suspended above the balance tray without touching the tray.

6. Drip end conditions can be set: the drip interval time can be set.

7. The dry weight of the sample is always displayed on the testing interface.


Ordering Information

RF4008WART            Water Absorption Rate Tester

RF4008WART /1        USB Cable

RF4008WART /2        Specimen Holder

RF4008WART /3        Drip Tray





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