Water Drip Diffusion Time Tester RF4008WDDT

The Water Drip Diffusion Time Tester tests the time required for a certain amount of water to drop onto the surface of an absorbent sample until it is completely absorbed (its reflection disappears).

Wetting refers to the time it takes for a drop of water to lose its light reflection properties, that is, when it becomes a dull, damp spot due to the absorption tendency of the textile material.

Absorbability refers to the tendency of a material to absorb and retain liquids (usually water) in pores and voids.

Test method: Fix the sample on the sample clamp, place the sample clamp horizontally, with the test surface of the sample facing upwards. At a certain height from the test surface, drip water to the surface of the sample, and test the time required for the diffusion of water droplets.

RF4008WDDT is a sensor that detects the diffusion of dripping water, placed at a height of about 10mm at the dripping position above the sample. When the dripping device drips water to the sample, it begins to detect the diffusion time.


Test Scope:  Knitted fabrics and quick-drying fabrics

Testing Standards: GB/T21655.1, AATCC79, etc.



1. Dripping Accuracy: 0.05-0.1mL ± 0.003mL.

2. Drip Diffusion Time Detection Accuracy: ± 0.1s.

3. Detection Time Resolution; 0.01s.

4. Test sample holder: circular center area with a diameter of 150mm.

5. Touch screen display.

6. Dimension240(L)×380(W)×560(H)mm

7. WeightApprox. 16kg


Ordering Information

RF4008WDDTT         Water Drip Diffusion Time Tester

RF4008WDDTT /1      Specimen Holder





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