Air Permeability Tester for Carbon Paper RF4308EP

Air Permeability Tester is used to test the air permeability of textiles or other material, such as carbon paper.

A specimen placed on a standard test area of air passage, a pre-set of air flow on both sides of fabric which occur a differential pressure and this tester calculates the air permeability of fabric by the test area and differential pressure result automatically.

1.     RF4308EP Air Permeability Tester included testing device, different size of test heads, vacuum pump and micro-computer.

2.     Control the pressure difference between the two sides of the specimen accurately.

3.     Automatically calculate the air permeability index.

4.     Touchscreen operation.

5.     Testing ranges automatic selection.

6.     PC software for data collection and testing report output.

7.     GB/T20042.7-2014 test method is built in.


Test Scope:

Knit, Woven and Non-woven fabrics, carbon paper

Test Standards:


BS EN ISO 9237

EDANA 140.2

JIS L1096-A




a)       Air pressure range: 98-2500Pa

b)       Air flow rate: 1-40000mm3/s

c)       Accuracy: 3%

d)       Measurement Unit: mm/s, cfm, cm3/cm2/s, L/m2/s, L/dm2/min, m3/m2/min, m3/m2/h and dm3/s,

e)       Test head: 20 cm?Standard)、5cm?25cm?38cm?50 cm?100cm? (Optional)

f)        Specimen thickness: Maximum 8mm

g)       Calibration tray: standard set used for 20 cm? test head

h)       Two test modes: Air permeability test and differential pressure test.

i)         Power Supply: AC 230V50Hz/60Hz

j)         Overall dimension: 940(L)×590(W)×1010(H)mm

k)       Weight: approximate 99kg


Order information:

RF4308EP          Air Permeability Tester

RF4308/1           Sealed Silicone Pad

RF4308/2           5cm? Test Head

RF4308/3           25cm? Test Head

RF4308/4           38cm? Test Head

RF4308/5           50cm? Test Head

RF4308/6           100cm? Test Head

RF4308/7         GB/T20042.7-2014 (used with RF4308/4)





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