Fabric Touch Tester RF4008FTT

The Fabric Touch Tester decomposes the physical properties of the front and back sides of the fabric into independent measurement modules related to heat flow, compression, bending, surface friction and geometric roughness, and integrates them into a test platform, so as to complete the collection of many physical indicators such as heat flow, compression, bending, surface friction performance and surface roughness of the fabric in the longitude and latitude direction and the fabric in a single measurement process, Combined with the subjective tactile evaluation measurement of human body, the softness, smoothness and cold and warm feeling of the fabric are further evaluated, so as to evaluate the comprehensive contact comfort of the fabric.

RF4008FTT Fabric Touch Tester is a highly integrated and intelligent testing instrument. It can start the test with one key and obtain 18 indicators of fabric Integrated test platform, measuring multiple indicators at the same time:

a)       Bending Average Rigidity (Length Direction)

b)       Bending Average Rigidity (Width Direction)

c)       Bending Work (Length Direction)

d)       Bending Work (Width Direction)

e)       Friction Coefficient (Length Direction)

f)        Friction Coefficient (Width Direction)

g)       Roughness Amplitude (Length Direction)

h)       Roughness Amplitude (Width Direction)

i)         Roughness Wavelength (Length Direction)

j)         Roughness Wavelength (Width Direction)

k)       Thickness

l)         Compress Work

m)     Compress Recovery Rate

n)       Compression Average Rigidity

o)       Recovery Average Rigidity

p)       Compression Thermal Conductivity

q)       Recovery Thermal Conductivity

r)     Max. Heatflux.

Test ScopeTesting and evaluation of the physical properties of various sheet textile products, such as knitted fabrics, ribbed fabrics and non-woven fabrics, related to the contact comfort during the contact between the fabric and the skin under non dominant sweating conditions.

Testing StandardFZ/T01166-2022



1.     Temperature Difference Between Upper and Lower Test Heads5-20 settable

2.     Descending and Ascending Speed of Upper Test Head0.5-2.5 mm/s

3.     Target Value of Compression Pressure30-70 cN/cm2

4.     Heatflux Range0 – 2000 W/m2

5.     Resolution of Heatflux0.1 W/m2

6.     Resolution of Temperature0.01

7.     Resolution of Roughness0.001 mm

8.     Resolution of Thickness0.001 mm

9.     Resolution of Compression Pressure0.01 cN/cm2

10.  Resolution of Friction Force0.1 cN

11.  Resolution of Bending Force0.1 cN

12.  Max. Specimen Thickness6mm

13.  Surface Module Roller Weight(143±2)gf

14.  Specimen SizeL-Shape110mm×310mm×310mm

15.  Test Plate Size120mm×120mm

16.  Dimension600mm×540mm×880mmL×W×H

17.  Power220VAC±10% 50Hz 200W

18.  WeightApprox. 90kg

Ordering Information

RF4008FTT        Fabric Touch Tester

RF4008FTT/1     Aux. Tool for Specimen Assembly

RF4008FTT/2     PC Software

RF4008FTT/3     Thermo Printer





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