RF4409P Protective Clothing Blood Penetration Tester

Protective Clothing Blood Penetration Tester is used for synthetic blood penetration test for protective clothing.

When doing Protective Clothing Blood Penetration test, the specimen (protective clothing material) is placed in a fixture with certain amount of synthetic blood. Synthetic blood is pressurized in steps and the blood penetration resistance of the specimen is tested.

RF4409P includes test head, touchscreen and microcomputer system which may automatically control compression process.

Test Scope: Knit, woven and non-woven fabrics.

Test Standards:

GB 19082

YY/T 0689

YY/T 0700

ASTM F1670

ASTM F1671

EN 14126

JIS T8060

JIS T8061


ISO 16603

ISO 16604

Consumables: Test Head, Sealing Ring

1. Pressure range: 0-100kPa (0-1000cmH2O)
2. Synthetic blood penetration test head
3. Pressure and test time control
4. Over-pressure protection

Order information:
RF4409P Protective Clothing Blood Penetration Tester
RF4409P/1 Synthetic Blood Penetration Test Head
RF4409P/2 Support Screen
RF4409P/3 Sample Template (75x75mm)
RF4409P/4 Torch wrench
RF4409P/5 Stainless steel plate





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