RF4408P Hydrostatic Head Tester & Protective Clothing Blood Penetration Tester

Hydrostatic Head Tester & Protective Clothing Blood Penetration Tester is used for water penetration resistance test for fabric and synthetic blood penetration test for protective clothing.

When doing Hydrostatic Head test, a specimen is placed on a standard fixed size test area, the beneath water keeps on supplying a water pressure under specimen to determines the water penetration resistance of a fabric under constant water pressure. The two kinds of testing methods are dynamic and static method.

When doing Protective Clothing Blood Penetration test, the specimen (protective clothing material) is placed in a fixture with certain amount of synthetic blood. Synthetic blood is pressurized in steps and the blood penetration resistance of the specimen is tested.

Hydrostatic Head Tester included different fixed size test head, LCD display and single processor machine which may automatically control compression process. The additional pneumatic sample press device helps to hold the sample firmly. Two-hand operate mode ensure safety operation. 

Test Scope:
Knit, woven and non-woven fabrics.

Test Standards:
AATCC 127, AATCC 208, ASTM D751, BS EN 20811, ISO 811, BS 3424-26 (29A, 29C), BS 3321, ERT120-2-02, JIS L1092A, GB/T 4744

GB 19082,YY/T 0700,ISO 16603,ASTM F1670,ASTM F1671

a) Pressure range: 0-3000cmH2O(0-300kPa)
b) Pressure rate:5cmH2O/min -500cmH2O/min (Selectable)
c) Test Head: 100cm2 (Standard), 10cm2, 19.63cm2, 26cm2, 28cm2 (Optional), ISO16603 Test Kit(Protective Clothing Blood Penetration test)
d) Multiple Testing Models: 1. Dynamic Test, 2. Static Test, 3. Pore Size Test, 4. Cyclic Test, 5. ISO16603 Test (for Protective Clothing Blood Penetration Test)
e) Pneumatic Sample Press Device: 0-8bar pressure, adjustable
f) LED lighting, convenience for observing test status.
g) Max. pressure protection
h) Alarm with light and buzzer
i) Power Supply: AC 230V, 50Hz/60Hz
j) Overall Dimension: 490(L)×600(W)×650(H)mm
k) Weight: Approximate 80kg

Order information:
RF4408P Hydrostatic Head Tester & Protective Clothing Blood Penetration Tester
RF4408/1 10cm2 Test Head
RF4408/2 19.63cm2 Test Head
RF4408/3 26cm2 Test Head
RF4408/4 28cm2 Test Head
RF4408/5 Test Head Seal Ring
RF4408/6 Pore Size Test Kit
RF4408/7 ISO16603 Test Kit(Protective Clothing Blood Penetration Test)

RF4408/8 100cm2 Test Head (Standard)





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