Cool Feeling & Thermal Conductivity Tester RF4008CF

Cooling Feeling Testermeasures the instant cool feeling and thermal conductivity as the sample contact with human skin.

Cool Feeling Test: Specimen is put onto a flat temperature controlled platform (or flat foam board) and waiting for equilibrium. The cool feeling test head has a copper plate which can store energy (heat). The test head which has been heated by another heating plate is lift and put onto the top surface of the specimen immediately, then measure the Max. heat transfer rate (Qmax) from the cool feeling test head to the specimen.

Thermal Conductivity Test: Specimen is put onto a flat heating platform (constant temperature) and waiting for equilibrium. The heating platform always maintains constant temperature. The thermal conductivity test head is put onto the top surface of the specimen and maintain a determined temperature difference with the heating platform. Measure the thermal conductivity of the specimen.

Test Scope Textile fabrics, Leather, Cosmetics, Automotive Interior, Medical Products, etc.

Testing StandardsGB/T35263,FTTS-FA-019, JIS L1927


1.     Temperature Range for Cool Feeling Test Heating Base: 25-45?C ± 0.1 ?C

2.     Temperature measurement range for Cool Feeling Test Head: 25-45?C ± 0.1 ?C

3.     Temperature range for thermal conductivity test head: 25-45?C ± 0.1 ?C

4.     Temperature Range for Steel Plate15-25?C ± 0.1 ?C

5.     Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.01 ?C

6.     Cool Feeling Test Area30mm x 30mm

7.     Specimen Size: 100mm x 100mm, Max. 200mm x 200mm. Max. Thickness: 2mm

8.     Thermal Conductivity Test Head50mm x 50mm

9.     Heat Loss Measurement Range: Max. 10W

10.  7” Touchscreen and PLC control.

11.  Working StationSingle Working Station, Two Testing Modes

12.  Working Station:

a)       Steel Plate15-25?C ± 0.1 ?Cfor FTTS-FA-019

b)       Reference Foam Pad: room temperature, for GB/T35263JIS L1927

13.  Temperature ControlBoth automatically for test head and working station (working table)

14.  Touchscreen Control and Display

15.  PC software displays test data and curves and can print test report.

16.  Both test heads (for cool feeling and thermal conductivity test) move automatically, no human interface.

Order Information

RF4008CF          Cool Feeling Tester

RF4008CF/1       Foam Board





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