Washing Colorfastness Tester RF6028E

Washing Colorfastness Tester may use to determine the colorfastness test of washing, dyeing, drying clean and bleach detergent.

Test Standards:

AATCC 28, AATCC 61, AATCC 132, AATCC 151, AATCC 190, AATCC 212, BS 1006-C01, BS 1006-C02, BS 1006-C03, BS 1006-C04, BS 1006-C05, ISO 105-C01, ISO 105-C02, ISO 105-C03, ISO 105-C04, ISO 105-C05, ISO 105-C06/C08/D01, M&S C4, M&S C5, M&S C10A, M&S P3B, FTMS 191-5610, NEXT TM2, NEXT TM 3, NEXT TM 5, GB/T 5711, GB/T 3921


1.     Specimen rack rotation speed40±2rpm

2.     Temperature range: Room Temp. to 97?C

3.     Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5?C

4.     Rate of temperature rise: Max. 2?C/min

5.     Internal materials: Stainless Steel 316L

6.     Safety Device: Safety door switch, Over-temperature protector, Low water level protection.

7.     Automatic Water Inlet and Draining.

8.     8 units of 550mL containers

9.     8 units of 1200mL containers

10.  Touchscreen Control: 32 testing programs built in,24 blank customer programs

Order information:

RF6028E     Washing Colorfastness Tester (Small capacity)

RF6028/1    550mL container (with gasket 2 piece)

RF6028/2    1200mL container (with gasket 2 piece)

RF6028/3    Stainless Steel Ball (100 piece/pack)

RF6028/4    Stainless Steel Disc (25 piece/pack)

RF6028/5    550mL Container’s Gasket (8 piece/pack)

RF6028/6    1200mL Container’s Gasket (8 piece/pack)

RF6028/7    Rubber Ball (Dia. 9.5mm) (100pcs/pack)

RF6028/8    Teflon Sheets (for 550ml containers) (20pcs/pack)





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