Perspiration Tester RF6008

Perspiration Test is used to test the colorfastness test of textile to water, perspiration and sea water.

Test Standards:

ISO   105 E01/E02/E04

AATCC   15

AATCC   106

AATCC   107

BS   1006

M&S   C6

M&S   C7

GB/T   3922

GB/T   5713

GB/T   5714


a)     AATCC weight set:   3.63kg (8lb)

b)     ISO weight set:      4.08kg (9lb)

c)     Weight of plate set:  0.90kg (2lb)

d)     Overall dimension:   200 (L) × 75 (W) × 150(H) mm 

Order information:

RF6008       Perspiration Tester (Included 2 unit of RF6008/6, 1 set of RF6008/7, 2 packs


RF6008/1    Acrylic Plate, 115×60×1.5mm (21 pieces / pack)

RF6008/2    Acrylic Plate, 115×60×3mm (21 pieces / pack)

RF6008/3    Glass plate for M&S test, 60×60×3mm (10 pieces / pack)

RF6008/4    Glass plate, 100×40×3mm (10 pieces / pack)

of RF6008/1 (21 pieces/pack)

RF6008/6    Perspiration Test Rack (Single unit)

RF6008/7    AATCC+ISO Loading weight unit (Stainless Steel 316)





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