Electronic Crockmeter RF3176N

Crockmeter determines the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing.  

1. Equipped with 16mm diameter test finger (Optional 19mm x 25.4mm rectangle test head)
2. Electronic counter, can be set to max 9999.
3. Testing load: 9N±0.1N
4. Crocking stroke length: 104mm±3mm
5. New design sample holder:

a) No need to cut specimen
b) Press-to-lock mechanism, rapidly, easily, and firmly holds specimen
c) With the help of rear holder, highly elastic specimens can be stretched during clamping
d) Suspended sample holder, sleeves or trousers can be tested without cutting.
e) Slider design, dry and wet test can be done one after the other without reloading specimen

f) Spring-loaded pressing mechanism, self-adapted to specimen of different thickness.

g) Automatic lifting mechanism, easy changing of white crocking cloth.

Test Scope:

Used for testing fabric dry and wet rubbing fastness

Testing Standards:


ISO 105 D02、ISO 105 X12、JIS L0849

M&S C8、M&S C8A、GB/T 3920

Ordering Information:

RF3176N    Electronic Crockmeter

RF3172/1   Test Finger 16mm diameter

RF3172/2   Sandpaper (25pcs/pack)

RF3172/7   19mm x 25.4mm rectangle Test Head





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