Gas Fume Chamber RF1106

Gas Fume Chamber is used to determine the colorfastness of textiles when exposed to atmospheric oxides of 

nitrogen as derived from the combustion of natural gas.

Test Scope:

For all textiles except loose fiber

Testing Standards:

AATCC 23ISO 105 G02GB/T 11039


Gas Fading Control Fabric


a)     7 inch touch screen LCD display

b)     The rotation speed of sample rack: 0-8 rpm (adjustable)

c)     Exhaust fan, Pressure Regulation fan and Air Circulating fan can be set through the touch screen

d)     Sample Clip: 16 pcs (Stainless Steel)

e)     Chamber Temp: room temp to 65.

f)       Gas Leakage Detector: 2 units.

g)     Flame Detector: 1 unit.

h)     Explosion-proof Gas Control Valve

i)       Electro-magnetic Door Lock. 

Order information:

RF1106       Gas Fume Chamber

RF1106/1     Stainless Steel Clip (pack of 20 pcs)

RF1106/2     Gas Fading Control Fabric (roll of 50 yard)

RF1106/3     Bunsen Burner





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