New Product Launched:Drying Time Tester (Moisture Analyzer Method)

2023-06-04 reading: 508

REFOND is now proud to announce the lauch of our new product: Drying Time Tester (Moisture Analyzer Method) for AATCC199.


Drying Time Tester (Moisture Analyzer Method) is intended to evaluate the drying time of knit, woven and nonwoven fabrics at an elevated temperature using a gravimetric moisture analyzer It is used to simulate drying at body temperature or to perform testing at temperatures that simulate conditions of use RF4008 DTT contains a special designed PC software, moisture analyzer (high precision digital balance, temperature controlled testing chamber), online monitoring the weight of the fabric which had been added a specified amount of water, analyze the dry time of the tested fabrics Test
Scope: knit, woven and nonwoven fabrics
Testing Standards: AATCC199, etc.

• Independent Temperature Control Test Chamber with handrail cover: when the test chamber is lifted for specimen setup, the chamber temperature is maintained to reduce the temperature fluctuation.
• Chamber height can be adjusted to adapt to different models of digital balances.
• Test Chamber combines with digital balance is a “moisture analyzer”.
• PC software can connect to max. 6 units of moisture analyzers at the same time.
• Multiple Specimens can be tested at the same time.
• Different Stop Conditions for selection: out of the expectation of the AATCC199.





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