Drying Oven RF731B

Electric Drying Oven is widely used in the drying industry, laboratories, scientific research institutions, and other industries for drying, baking, and sterilization of utensils and components.

RF731B adopts functions and characteristics such as microcomputer control, internal circulation air blowing, constant temperature, timing, over temperature alarm, stainless steel inner liner, and thickened insulation layer. Configurable IoT module for remote on/off, real-time monitoring, etc.


Test Scope:

Fabric, clothing, sponge, leather, rubber, hardware, plastic, etc.

Testing Standards:

General Use




1. Temperature Control Range: Room temperature (RT)+10 -200 .

2. Temperature Resolution: 0.1 .

3. Temperature Uniformity: ± 3 (test point is 100 ).

4. Temperature Fluctuation: ± 1 .

5. Constant Temperature Method: forced convection/natural convection.

6. Adjustable Air Circulation Duct.

7. Partition: 4 pieces.

8. Touch screen control, temperature and time can be set.

9. Stainless steel rack is used inside the box, which is rust proof and easy to clean.

10. Optional IoT Module for remote control and monitoring.

11. Inner liner size: 350 (L) × 350 (W) × 350 (H) mm.

12. Outer dimension: 400 (L) × 400 (W) × 600 (H) mm.

13. Weight: approximately 60kg.


Order information:

RF731B              Electric Drying Oven

RF731B/1            Stainless Steel Rack

RF731B/2            IoT Module





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