Horizontal Linear Oscillator (Shaker) RF7210X

Horizontal Linear Oscillator (Shaker) is used for applications such as bacterial culture, fermentation, biochemical reactions, and enzyme and tissue research. It is also used in textile testing laboratories for formaldehyde or pH testing as an oscillator for mixing solution uniformity, also known as a shaker.

RF7210X adopts microcomputer control, with adjustable speed and oscillation frequency, and can carry up to 24 containers at a time.


Test Scope:

Textile testing, medicine, biology, molecular biology, pharmaceuticals, food, environmental protection, etc.

Testing Standards:

GB/T7573ISO 3071


Conical bottle, Stainless Steel Cup Claws


1. Station (equipped with stainless steel cup claws): 24.

2. Oscillation mode: horizontal straight reciprocating.

3. Oscillation frequency (reciprocating motion speed): 40-150rpm.

4. Speed accuracy: ± 1rpm.

5. Vibration amplitude: 40mm.

6. Touch screen control, with adjustable speed and time.

7. Power off memory function.

8. Audible and visual alarm indicator lights: test status indicator, error alarm light.

9. Optional IoT module for remote monitoring and shutdown functions.

5. Boundary dimension: 700 (L) × 560 (W) × 400 (H) mm.

6. Weight: approximately 55kg.


Order information:

RF7210X             Linear Shaker

RF7210X/1          Stainless Steel Cup Claws

RF7210X/2          Conical Bottle250mL

RF7210X/3          IoT Module





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