Stretch and Recovery Tester RF3506CD

Stretch Recovery Tester (Static Method) is designed to determine the stretch recovery property of elastic material by static method.

The newly designed RF3506CD combines the traditional tension mode of fixed force and fixed length, and can meet different standards such as ASTM D3107 and ASTM D2594 at the same time.

L-shaped design can save floor space;

Removable mode, users can hang it on the wall for testing, further saving operation space.


Test Scope: Elastic fabrics, elastic ribbons, socks and other elastic materials.

Testing Standards: ASTM D3107, ASTM D2594, etc.


1. Fixed force, 6 groups

2. Fixed length, 6 groups

3. Number of weights

a)  3lb with hook: 6 pcs

b)  8lb with hook: 3 pcs

c)  1lb with hole: 12 pcs                       

4. Triangular hooks: 6 pcs

5. Stainless steel bars: 3 pcs

6. Dimensions: width, height, depth

7. Removable rear wall hanging

 635e36743a1eb.png  635e36b1a0c53.png

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RF3506CD   Stretch Recovery Tester





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