Pneumatic (Autoburst) Bursting Strength Tester RF306A

The Pneumatic Autoburst (Bursting Strength Tester)  is designed to determine the bursting strength and distension of specimens using pneumatic inflation method. 

Testing scope covers: woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics, papers and carton boards.

Four test modes: 

A.     Automatic Bursting Mode: Specimen bursting is controlled to be within 20±5 seconds.

B.     Fixed Flow Rate Bursting Mode: Flow rate 5-100kPa/scan be set to meet different test methods, such as the M&S test standard.

C.    Target Distension Bursting Mode: Specimen can be inflated to a fixed height and hold for a desired time to determine the specimen strength.

      D.   Target Pressure Cyclic Mode: Specimen can be inflated (UP) and deflated (DOWN) by some cycles, inflation and deflation flow rate can be controlled and UP hold time and Down hold time can be set as desired to determine the extension and bursting of the specimens

Test Scope:

Testing the knitted, woven and non-woven fabric, paper and cardboard for largest height and bursting pressure values

Testing Standards:

ASTM D3786-06

ISO 13938-2

ISO 2758

EDANA 80.3-99



GB/T 7742.2

Woolmark TM29

M&S P27

Order information:

RF306A       Pneumatic Autoburst

RF306A/1    Diaphragms (pack of 10pcs)

RF306A/2    Bell and clamping ring set: 7.1cmdiameter: 30mm),

RF306A/3     Bell and clamping ring set: 7.3cmdiameter: 30.5mm

RF306A/4     Bell and clamping ring set: 7.55cm2diameter: 31mm

RF306A/5     Bell and clamping ring set: 10cm2   diameter: 35.7mm

RF306A/6     Bell and clamping ring set: 50cm2   diameter: 79.8mm

RF306A/7     Bell and clamping ring set: 100cmdiameter: 113mm

RF306A/8     Silent Laboratory Compressor

RF306A/9     Booster/Regulator (Optional) 





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