Digital (Smartear) Tear Strength Tester RF3259H

Digital Smartear is used for the determination of tear strength by Elmendorf tearing method.

Test Scopes: including woven, layered blankets, napped pile, blanket, and air bag fabrics. 

Testing Standards: ASTM D689BASTM D96aASTM D1424BS EN ISO 13937BS EN ISO 4674/2BS EN ISO 21974

NEXT TM17TAPPI T414DIN 53128GB/T 3917.1M&S P29JIS L1096, etc. 


a)     Touchscreen Control

b)     Pendulums Types Auto Recognition.

c)     Heavy Duty Capacity: Max. 128N.

d)     Smart Calibration System.

e)     Automatic Result Saving.

f)       One-Key Transfer Data to PC.

g)     Easy-to-use PC software.

h)     Test Report Exports to Microsoft Excel Format.

i)       PC Software for Easy Printing.

j)       Unit Conversion Easily in PC software.

k)     Quick-to-Clamp Specimen Holders.

l)       Electromagnetic braking system.

m)   Little Maintenance Required.

n)     Power Supply: AC230V, 50Hz

o)     Dimensions: Out 460 (L)x 660 (W) x 660 (H)mm

p)     Weight: approx. 80kg 

Order information:

RF3259H         Digital Smartear (128N)

RF3259H/1        Cutting Blade

RF3259H/2        Jaw Faces for Specimen Holder





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