Hydraulic (Autoburst) Bursting Strength Tester RF306B

To determine the bursting strength and distension at burst of woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics, paper and carton boards by application of hydraulic pressure under a rubber diaphragm, thus to transfer the pressure to the test specimen.

RF306B is a table-top mode, which is equipped with high precision pressure sensor, non-contact displacement measurement sensor, measuring the instant pressure and distension at the time of burst. High quality transparent acrylic bells, combined with LED light source, full examination of a sample of bursting. Different sizes of bell kits are optional.

The RF306B is smart designed to cover all the test methods you can image. This design does not only fulfill the requirement of existing test standards, but also open the imagination space for the fabric designers.

Four test modes are included:                                               

A.     Automatic Bursting Mode: It is so controlled that the specimen will be burst with 20±5 seconds.

B.     Fixed Flow Rate Bursting Mode: Flow rate can be set so as to meet different test method.

C.    Target Distension Bursting Mode: Specimen can be inflated to a fixed height and hold for a desired time, so as to determine the specimen strength.

D.    Target Pressure Cyclic Mode: Specimen can be inflated (UP) and deflated (DOWN) by some cycles, inflation and deflation flow rate can be controlled and UP hold time and Down hold time can be set as desired. So as to determine the extension and bursting of the specimens.


Test Scopes: Knitted, woven and non-woven fabric, paper and cardboard in the bursting of the largest height and bursting pressure values.

Testing Standards:

AS2001.2.4, ASTM D3786-06BS 3424-6-BEDANA ERT 80-4.02EN 12332-2, GB/T 7742.1, ISO 13938-1ISO 3303-BWSP 030.1.R3 (12), WSP 030.2.R3 (12)


a)     The Maximum pressure capacity: 6000kPa (800PSI)

b)     Max. Distension: 70mm

c)     Four Test Modes

d)     Test Bells: Diameter: 30mmDiameter: 30.5mmDiameter: 31.5mmDiameter: 35.7mmDiameter: 79.8mm Diameter: 112.8mm、;

e)     Test Bell Control: Two button control or Touchscreen control

f)       Preset number of test samples

g)     Automatic recognition for the bell size and diaphragm ring

h)     Test results are saved automatically, historical data recalls

i)       One-key-press to transfer stored test data to PC for storage.

j)       Integrated PC software can monitor test data online.

k)     Test units: mm, cm & inch

l)       Safety operation: Acrylic shelf protection

m)   Diaphragm Auto Reset

n)     Different Test Modes: automatic test mode, manual test mode and cyclic extension test

o)     Touchscreen Control

p)     Touchscreen data can be saved to PC

q)     PC software for online printing

r)      PC software for saving report to Computer

s)     Measuring units exchangeable, more convenient for calculation

t)       Test bell pneumatic control, easy and firmly clamps, easy retraction 

Order information:

RF306B         Hydraulic Autoburst

RF306B /1     Diaphragms (pack of 10pcs)

RF306B /2       Bell and clamping ring set: Diameter: 30mm

RF306B /3       Bell and clamping ring set: Diameter: 30.5mm

RF306B /4       Bell and clamping ring set: Diameter: 31.5mm

RF306B /5       Bell and clamping ring set: Diameter: 35.7mm

RF306B /6       Bell and clamping ring set: Diameter: 79.8mm

RF306B /7       Bell and clamping ring set: Diameter: 112.8mm

RF306B /8       Bell and clamping ring set: Diameter: 31mm

RF306B /9       Diaphragms with 1mm Thick (pack of 10pcs)





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