Spray Rating Tester RF4418



Product Information:

Spray Rating Tester determines the water repellent of specimen, pour 250ml of distilled water into the funnel of tester and allow it to spray from a nozzle down a distance 150mm to the specimen which already mounted on a 45° test hoop. Compare with spray test rating chart, evaluating the grade by water remained on the specimen surface when test ends.

Test Scope:

All kind of fabric

Test Standards:

AATCC 22, BS EN 24920, BS 3702, ISO 4920, M&S P23, NEXT TM23, GB/T 4745


Spray Test Nozzle, Spray Test Hoop


a)       Spray angle: 45º from specimen

b)       Distance from nozzle to the center point surface of fabric: 150mm

c)       Distance from top of funnel to nozzle tip: 190mm

d)       Time required for pour 250 ml distilled water into funnel until spray to empty: 25-30 s

e)       Overall dimension: 250(L)×270(W)×550(H)mm

f)        Weight: approximate 6kg


Order information:

RF4418        Spray Rating Tester

RF4418N      Spray Rating Tester

RF4418/1    Spray Test Nozzle

RF4418/2    Funnel

RF4418/3    Spray Test Hoop

RF4418/4    AATCC Spray Test Rating Chart






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